Thank you for your interest in my coaching program. It is the culmination of my own lifelong healing mission and the study of disciplines chosen with intention.  It is my passion and my purpose, created with heart and meaning, and carefully crafted through years of my very own deep, personal inner work. Ultimately, my greatest hope is that you find something unique that speaks to you and your desire to heal, grow, expand, create, and evolve. 

I operate from the premise that each and every one of us is innately intuitive, and our bodies highly intelligent. We have an inner healer within our psyches that is a unique gift to each of us. It is creative and powerful. I see myself as a guide to reconnect you with your gift. We work together to uncover self-defeating thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are constructed over time through our human experience, so that you can begin to create your own special place in the universe. 

I use traditional and nontraditional methods. 



  • Classical cognitive behavioral techniques

  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming)

  • Guided shamanic journeying

  • Writing prompts

  • Tarot readings

  • Dreamwork

  • I-Rest yoga nidra

  • Spherical breathwork

  • Mandala and sandplay

  • Groundwork with equines

  • Nature hikes and grounding nature practices

You do not need any experience as a writer, artist, dreamer, yogi, or equestrian. But warning, you might just become one! I use these tools because they work at the archetypal level, a level of the psyche that goes beyond cognitive thought. This is where significant shifts occur, opening space for creative work, play, and problem-solving.

Many of the methods I use are designed to expand your consciousness. When we work in expanded states, through either Shamanic journeying, dreamwork, I-Rest yoga nidra, spherical breath, equines, or in nature, we move into alpha brain wave where the rest and reprogram response becomes activated. This allows a higher potential for healing, restoration, creative thinking, and neural network reprogramming to occur.

When we do this inner work and recover the power of our inner wisdom, our natural ability to find joy, passion, and purpose through creative living happens instinctively.

What to expect:

We will meet for 30-60 minutes, either by phone or in person, as a complimentary gesture to see if we vibe. I will talk to you about my approach to coaching and my perspective on healing. Whether it's dialectical coaching or more experiential methods, you are free to experiment with the methods I've listed above. Many people choose classical coaching with cognitive behavioral techniques and neurolinguistic programming, NLP. Others are interested in discovering archetypes using tarot, dreamwork, or breathwork. Some are interested only in equine work, and some are interested solely in private therapeutic yoga. There are many dimensions to healing and all are important. I strive to integrate body, mind, heart, and soul, and I am passionate about all levels of healing and self-development.

We then decide the next appropriate time and place for our first meeting, and allow the journey to unfold, using methods you feel work best for you.


I ask that you prepay for your appointment by PayPal, which I will send a link, or other prepay method agreed upon. I require a 48-hour notice of cancellation. Thank you for respecting my  payment policy.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."        CG Jung