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Overcome Anxiety Clinic™

Please inquire about private clinics.

“Let there be an opening into the quiet 

that lies beneath the chaos, 

where you find the peace you did not think possible 

and see what shimmers within the storm.”

                                                                                         ~John O’Donohue

The Overcome Anxiety Clinic was developed by Genevieve Yellin, PYT-1000, Director of The Overcome Anxiety Project. More than 100 clinics have been offered in various settings around the US and Canada since its creation in 2009. This program is informed by the most current neuroscience research and integrates ancient insights of yoga, neurobiology, and modern psychology. The clinic is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety-related symptoms, build resilience in mind and body, and restore overall health and sense of well-being.


What to expect

This workshop is open to a limited number of participants and is sensitive to the needs of those struggling with severe anxiety.  We make an effort to create a safe and nurturing space that provides as much comfort and security as possible.  Participants will not be put on the spot or pressured to participate in any exercise where they feel uncomfortable.  We make an effort to be open and clear about what you can expect and not throw any surprises your way. We encourage you to call us with any concerns or questions you might have as we are willing to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.


What will you learn

This six-part series will help you understand the science of what happens to your mind and body while experiencing stress and anxiety.  We will provide you with tools that help break the psychological, biochemical, and physical cycles that keep stress and anxiety in your life. You will learn specific techniques of breathwork, meditation, and yoga postures that have proven to activate the body’s natural relaxation response and restore balance to the nervous system. Through somatic experiencing, mindfulness and guided visualizations you will be able to create space and capacity for more positive and empowering states of mind and body that help increase confidence and stability from the inside out.



Whether temporary or long-lasting, anyone who experiences the following can benefit from this workshop:

  • Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, or symptoms related to trauma

  • Extreme fears and phobias

  • Feeling on-edge, always alert, or irritable

  • Excessive worry

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Muscle tension

  • Nervousness

  • Feelings of overwhelm

  • Difficulty relaxing

  • Stress-related illness

  • First-responder anxiety


Parents or loved ones of those experiencing anxiety symptoms are also welcome. These techniques are easy to learn and can be taught to family members.

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