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The practice of tarot explores archetypes or universal patterns existing in the individual as well as collective unconscious. This makes the tarot an excellent tool for exploration and development beyond the thinking mind.
When investigating the 22 cards of the major arcana of the tarot, we recognize larger patterns in our own journey through life. When investigating the minor arcana of the tarot, we see smaller patterns of everyday life within the larger cycle.
Using the cards invokes a deep process of self-discovery and exploration of the psyche at all levels - body, mind, heart, and spirit. Not only do we recognize these patterns in ourselves, but we see them through art, culture, and film. Each card represents a stage of the journey for understanding the greater story of our lives.
Upon request, I read cards as part of my coaching practice, and I offer individual readings in private settings as well as at special events.
Please check my event page or request a booking on my contact page.
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